2019-2020 Course Catalog

Non-Academic Dismissal


Chatham reserves the right to require a student to take a mandatory leave of absence for non-academic reasons following a review by the appropriate University authorities. This action, which requires the student to be away from the University for a specified period of time, is taken in the best interest of the student. Upon the recommendation of the Vice President of Student Affairs /Dean of Students, the University may require a leave of absence at any time it is deemed reasonably necessary to protect the student, other students, members of the University community, or the interests of the University itself. If a student does not fulfill the terms of the mandatory leave of absence, it will result in a permanent dismissal. When a student who has been on a required leave wishes to return to the University, the student must apply in writing to the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students at least one month in advance of return. The student will not be permitted to return to the University until the appropriate staff members provide validation. If the student is approved to return, staff members may make recommendations to the Vice President of Student Affairs /Dean of Students regarding conditions of return and/or continued enrollment.