2019-2020 Course Catalog

Withdrawal from the University

When a student completes official withdrawal paperwork, they are separating from the University to preserve academic integrity. If a student withdraws from the University prior to the semester's start or during the add/drop period, their scheduled courses will be cancelled. If a student withdraws during the withdrawal period, (W) grades will be awarded for their entire schedule of registered courses. The withdrawal actions will be recorded on the student's transcript.

After consultation with their academic advisor, a student who wishes to withdraw from the University should contact their Program Director or Department Chair to complete a Withdrawal from the University form. The last day to withdraw is posted on the Academic Calendar. Refunds will be made in accordance with University and federal government refund policies.

Withdrawing from the University for military activation requires deployment proof prior to being deployed. Proof may be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried, and it may take the form of general orders cut by the company commander. When a student is activated during the semester, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and University Registrar policies will take effect, and questions should be directed to these offices. When a student is activated near the end of the semester, the student and their faculty members may determine that incomplete (I) grades are more appropriate. If incomplete grades are recorded, tuition will not be waived.

When a student does not complete official withdrawal paperwork, they will remain in an active not attending status for one academic year. Following this period, if the student does not register courses for an upcoming semester, the University will officially withdraw the student, and the withdrawal action will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Students who return to the University after withdrawal of a year or more must contact the Office of Admissions to begin the process of reinstatement. Additionally, graduate students must be reaccepted by their program prior to returning.