2019-2020 Course Catalog

Women's Leadership Certificate

The certificate in Women’s Leadership offered by the Women’s Institute at Chatham University is a multi-disciplinary program designed to equip students with the theory, skills, and practice of leadership. Students earning a certificate will be prepared to take on leadership roles in their chosen fields and beyond, from business, politics, science, and the arts to healthcare, education, non-profits, NGO’s, and more. The goal of the program is to foster world-ready graduates committed to gender equity, who possess the professional skills and experience to become change makers in their organizations, in their communities, and in society at large.

The certificate may be added to any undergraduate major. In addition to 18 credits of coursework, students are required to participate in two signature programs offered by the Women’s Institute or its two outreach centers, the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship and the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics. Undergraduate certificates must be earned within a degree program.


+Course Requirements

One (1) foundation course: choose either
WGS101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Examines the role and status of women in society using a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students will examine materials that present and challenge cultural assumptions of the nature and roles of women and consider diversity among women.

CST183 Representations of Race and Gender

This course introduces students to the methodology of cultural studies. In this survey students learn those skills essential to analyzing social constructions of identity. Specific attention is paid to diverse texts, including film, in order to locate how representations of race, gender, ethnicity, and "otherness" are culturally produced and disseminated.

Two (2) Women’s & Gender Studies electives, or courses cross-listed with WGS (6 credits)
WGS202 Women's Leadership in the 21st Century

This interdisciplinary seminar provides a foundation in leadership theory and models, including women's diverse ways of leading; women's roles as leaders and agents of change; feminist leadership styles and agendas; and the impact of intersectional identities (such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion and worldview) on leadership styles and agendas.

Pre-requisites Complete any 1 of the following courses:
  • CST183 Representations of Race and Gender
  • WGS101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • 3
    INTWGS303 Internship - Women's and Gender Studies

    Internship - Women's and Gender Studies

    OR approved Internship course * (3)
    WGS490 Integrative Capstone

    The integrative capstone, undertaken by the student during the senior year, is an extended project that helps the student complete their transition from an undergraduate student to a world-ready professional. The study usually centers on the student’s major and may be conducted, at least in part, in the context of a group experience. Such programs are crafted to meet the unique needs of each major, and could include, for example, fieldwork, theater production, creative work in the arts, independent research, or independent readings. The integrative capstone in an interdisciplinary major must have the approval of both academic programs.

    Pre-requisites Complete the following course:
  • ENG350W Seminar in Literary Theory and Scholarly Writing
  • 3
    OR approved Capstone course * (3)
    * Student may use Internship and/or Capstone from their major if learning outcomes also fulfill those for Certificate.