2021-2022 Course Catalog




THT141 Acting One

Through warmups, games, exercises, and text, students develop their physical, vocal, and emotional creativity. Students build on vocal and physical fundamentals through performance of contemporary texts. They are introduced to modern drama, develop skills for character analysis, acquire basic vocabulary, and evaluate professional performances. Additional Fee(s): Additional Art Fee

THT147 Stage Craft

This course is an introduction to technical theatre, including scenery, properties, costumes, lighting, sound, and stage management. Though this course students will be exposed to hands-on training in a variety of areas. Student projects for this course may be used in various productions. Additional Fee

THT231 Acting Two

This course examines texts and modalities outside of traditional modern drama. Students focus on physicalized practices, exploratory vocal technique, and textual investigation and development. They analyze professional productions within the given framework. The class culminates in a theatre piece created and performed by the students in collaboration with Directing students.

THT241 History of Drama

Students study the trajectory of drama throughout time and across the world. They explore the historical contexts of seminal texts, playwrights, theatre practitioners, and theatrical movements. Students will also put texts into action as actors, directors, and dramaturgs, conceptualize productions, and analyze professional work. Additional Fee

Six additional credits from the list below * THT213 will be offered as needed; THT458 will be offered in spring semesters starting in 2022; others will be offered each semester.
THT245 Scene Work for the Stage

Students develop techniques for the proper preparation of a role through disciplined rehearsal and comprehensive character and script analysis. These techniques are applied to scene work and monologue preparation, encompassing both classical and contemporary dramatic literature. Prerequisite(s): THT 141 and permission of the instructor.

THT149 Play Performance

This course is an introduction to conceptualization and creation of theatrical productions. Theory and analysis of structure, elements, and styles of drama from the written script are coupled with practical techniques to realize a unified vision on stage. Concepts integral to directing, dramaturgy, design, character development, and playwriting are explored.

THT260 Theatre Production Lab

This course is a practicum for producing Chatham's undergraduate drama productions. Production processes addressed: Preproduction, auditions, the rehearsal process, show production, and post production. In this course students gain experience and knowledge of the creative, technical, and professional aspects of working on a theatrical show.

THT491 Independent Study

Independent Study