2022-2023 Course Catalog


A minor in Dance offers students the opportunity to develop skills that will complement many other fields of study.



18 credits

DAN101 The World of Dance

This class explores the multitude of dance forms around the world via lectures, readings, films, and live performances. It approaches movement as a means of expressing the spirit and performing ritual, interacting socially and embodying cultural mores, and creating art. It looks at how new forms of dance are evolving as cultures fuse and technology opens up new venues.

DAN121 Contemporary Dance Technique I

Students study basic dance movements through an exploration, analysis and identification of Contemporary Dance techniques built on foundational elements such as clear articulation of the spine, isolations, grounded movement, vocabulary and musicality. By using movement and knowledge of the body, students will learn to express themselves affectively and artistically.

DAN305 Choreography (3)
DAN213 Special Topics:

Special Topics course.

DAN313 Special Topics

This course in dance covers the techniques and historical significance associated with a specific style.

DAN239 Dance Performance

This course is designed to refine the dancer’s strength and style, enhance performance artistry, and acquire technical excellence through practical exercises and rehearsals in class. Students will learn correct body alignment and the principles of dance technique. Emphasis will be placed on movement phrasing, choreography, and performance.

DAN239 Dance Performance (3)
Restricted elective credits from the list below:
DAN125 Folk and Ethnic Dance

Folk and Ethnic dance will focus on the similarities and differences among the different International classical and folkdance systems. Through workshops students will learn basic dance steps as adaptation of motor skills, rhythmic perception and accuracy, musical phrasing and spatial awareness in both classical and folk ethnic forms.

DAN160 African Dance

This introductory course immerses students in the many varieties and styles of African dance, while also attending to the ceremonial and ritual functions of dance in African culture. Various African historical and aesthetic perspectives will be introduced and studies through movement. Videotapes illustrating dance forms, and guest artists will also enhance this course.

DAN160 - African Dance
DAN493 Independent Study

Independent Study

Pre-requisites Complete the following course:
  • XXX123 Permission of Instructor
  • 3
    DAN493 - Independent Study (3)