2022-2023 Course Catalog

Future Teachers Program

A partnership between Neighborhood Learning Alliance and Chatham University, Chatham Future Teachers is a long-term program that encourages and supports high school students of color in becoming elementary or high school teachers.

From 10th grade through college graduation, Chatham Future Teachers ensures that students have the academic preparation, professional exposure, and personal and financial support necessary to transition from high school to college, and from college into careers as teachers.

Students who successfully complete the program enter Chatham’s undergraduate teaching program having already earned up to 18 credits toward their undergraduate degree.

The program begins in 10th grade, when students of color with at least a 3.0 GPA and their families are invited to learn about the Chatham Future Teachers opportunity.



EDU104 Perspectives on Education

Students examine the role of teachers and schools in past and contemporary society. Selected educational issues are analyzed including role of technology in the classroom, legal issues for teachers, school-community relations, and current legislative initiatives.

MTH103 Mathematical Reasoning

This course is designed for the non-science major, to give a new outlook on mathematics and to provide a sense of the beauty and applicability of mathematics in our world. Topics are primarily related to geometry and include shapes in two and three dimensions, conic sections, topology, fractals and applied geometry.

ENG105 First-Year Writing

This introduction to college composition covers analytical and argumentative writing, oral presentation, critical reading, information literacy, and academic integrity. The course employs active-learning pedagogy of discussion and dialogue and examines intersections of race, gender, class, ethnicities, and systems of belief through the lens of relevant topics. Students who need additional support with writing skills beyond what is normally covered in the classroom (based on a diagnostic writing exam required before matriculation) will require supplemental instruction through OAAR. Students with transfer credits may meet the requirement for ENG105 with the transfer of a college-level composition course or AP/IB credit.

EDU234 Inclusion: Issues and Strategies

This course provides the conceptual framework for understanding inclusion issues in our public schools. The students discuss the variety of exceptionalities found in public school settings and the resultant impact of inclusion policy upon instructional practice. A field placement is embedded in this course. Additional Fee: Field Placement Fee.

MTH104 Statistics for Everyday Life

One semester course covering descriptive statistics, statistical measures and distributions, decision making under uncertainty, applications of probability to statistical inference, and linear correlation. Particular emphasis on examples drawn from real world situations. Fulfills Chatham's quantitative reasoning requirement.

EDU105 Child Development: Birth Through Grade 4

This course addresses physical, social, cognitive, and moral development from prenatal stages through middle childhood. Students examine child development in the context of social, cultural, instructional settings. Using case studies, the implications of growth and development on instructional planning for effective learning is achieved. Students learn to create environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive and challenging for all children.

ENG287 African-American Writers

This course provides an introduction to the African-American expressive tradition, including poetry, fiction, autobiography, song and folktales from the 18th century to the present. Examining writers such as Douglass, Chesnutt, Brooks, Baldwin, Ellison, and Walker, this course works to delineate the critical and historical contours of the African-American literary tradition.

Pre-requisites Complete any 1 of the following courses:
  • ENG100 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • ENG105 First-Year Writing
  • 3