2023-2024 Course Catalog

Nurse Educator Certificate

The Nurse Educator Certificate is a 12 credit professional certificate that provides the nurse with the basic educational tools necessary to teach nursing and/or nurses in an academic or clinical setting.  The Certificate can be completed in two semesters. 

Admission Requirements

  • Completed free online application.
  • A BSN degree with a minimum 2.8 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 graduate GPA
  • Proof of active, unencumbered nursing license in your state
  • Official transcripts showing highest degree obtained

Admissions Materials may be submitted to:
Chatham University
Berry Hall/SCPS Admission
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Email Admissions

International Applicants
International Applicants must submit additional documentation to the Office of Admissions. A list of these documents can be found on the International Admission web page.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Integrate emerging health care technologies into nursing education
  2. Perform in curriculum design and evaluation of outcomes
  3. Apply program concepts in the role of a nurse educator in the academic and clinical environment
  4. Utilize various teaching strategies to facilitate learning


+Major Requirements

12 credits

NUR503 Informatics Foundation and Health Care Technology

This course focuses on technology and informatics in healthcare delivery. Students will evaluate current and emerging technologies used for data driven decision-making to support quality healthcare outcomes. Key to this foundational knowledge will be skills developed to effectively communicate, coordinate, and analyze change resulting from the utilization of technology.

NUR632 Curriculum Design and Evaluation in Nursing Education

This course focuses on the processes of curriculum development and evaluation that are critical responsibilities of nurse educators in schools of nursing, patient education programs, or staff development. Course goals include how the curriculum provides guidelines for program delivery and methods for evaluating program effectiveness.

NUR642 Nurse Educator Role Development

This course focuses on diverse roles of nurse educators in various practice and educational environments. The course will provide novice and experienced nurse educators knowledge on developing an effective learning environment for a diverse student population. Educator responsibilities outside of the classroom will also be explored.

NUR652 Teaching Strategies and Technology for the Nurse Educator

This course focuses on strategies to develop knowledge and skill sets in pedagogy, teaching-learning theories, and technologies that can be utilized in various educational settings. Students will collate resources into a toolbox of teaching strategies to put into use as an educator.