2022-2023 Course Catalog

Technical and Grant Writing Certificate

12 credits

Admission Requirements

  • Resumé
  • Completed free online application
  • A bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Official transcripts showing highest degree obtained


+Certificate Requirements

PWR616 Technical Writing

This course teaches students how to prepare letter reports and technical reports about subjects that require technical explanations, diagrams, charts, and jargon understood by technical readers. In addition, this course teaches students how to present technical information to technical readers so they understand the concepts and can apply them in their work.

PWR606 Grant Writing

This course focuses on teaching the conventions and fundamentals of writing successful grants for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

PWR632 Science and Environmental Writing

This course focuses on the practice of writing about science, environment, medicine, and technology for audiences ranging from the general public to scientists and engineers. It starts with basic science writing for lay audiences, emphasizing organization and clear writing techniques and also explores problems of conveying highly complex technical information to multiple audiences, factors that influence science communication to the public, and interactions between scientists and journalists.



PWR625 Business and Organizational Writing

This course teaches students the rhetorical principles and writing practices necessary for producing effective business letters, memos, reports, and collaborative projects in professional contexts. All sections are offered in networked computer classrooms to ensure that students taking the course are prepared for the writing environment of the 21st century workplace. The course teaches the rhetorical principles that help students shape their business writing ethically, for multiple audiences, in a variety of professional situations.

Pre-requisites Complete the following course:
  • PWR601 Introduction to Professional Writing
  • 3
    PWR617 Teaching Technical Writing

    This course prepares the student to seek technical writing training and teaching positions, as well as pursue subsequent doctoral studies in professional writing. Topics covered include best-practices in teaching, as well as developing course objectives and syllabi. Professional journal publishing and curriculum vita preparation will also be presented.