Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes | Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

Chatham University

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Learning Outcomes

The graduate:

  • Applies interprofessional collaboration concepts for improving patient and population health outcomes.
  • Synthesizes nursing research and integration of best practice for change in professional practice based on scientific underpinnings for practice.
  • Integrates clinical scholarship and analytical methods for evidence-based practice.
  • Impacts health care outcomes through clinical prevention and population health for improving the nation’s health.
  • Integrates nursing science as the basis for the highest level of nursing practice.
  • Develops and evaluates new practice approaches based on nursing theory and theories borrowed from other disciplines.
  • Provides clinical nursing change through organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking.
  • Utilizes information systems/technology and patient care technology to improve and transform health care.
  • Integrates health policy and ethics to improve health care outcomes through advocacy roles.