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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Chatham University's Psychology curriculum enables students to think scientifically about behavior and mental processes, to appreciate and respect others, and to pursue a variety of post-baccalaureate alternatives, including employment and graduate or professional school.

This major is applicable to any career in which an understanding of human thought and behavior is central, including the health sciences, personnel/human resources, social work, introductory level counseling, interviewing, and data collection.


At Chatham, you can transfer up to 90 credits previously earned from a two-year or four-year accredited college or university. Plus, you can use work experience competency to earn time- and money-saving credit through our generous Prior Learning Assessment program. This saves you money and helps you finish your degree as quickly as possible.

What to expect

Through this completion program, students will be able to transfer previously earned credits from either a two year college or from a previous four-year academic program. We know and respect our students and expect the best from them, providing the support and encouragement they need to become professionals. We take pride in our teaching and make our curriculum rigorous, challenging, interesting, and innovative, resulting in consistently highly-rated courses by students.

Our students go on to both graduate and professionals schools, and begin careers in a wide range of areas. Many of our students apply to our unique 5-year Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Program. At the successful conclusion of this program, a student is awarded both bachelor's and master's degrees, and is eligible to be licensed as a professional counselor.

Something to consider

"What's the fastest growing jobs in the country? Psychologists, according to the [U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics], which projects the job to grow at 53% between now and 2022. Their annual median pay: $83,580."

Source: Forbes, "The Highest Paying, Fastest Growing Jobs (Guess Which Business Gigs Pay Most)." 1/10/14