Affiliated Faculty

Chatham University Women's Institute

The following faculty are affiliated with the Women's Institute as scholars and teachers interested in gender research and pedagogical practice:

Joseph Amodei Immersive Media
Nichole Bayliss Criminology
Melissa Bell Social Work
Megan Bertholomey Science
Ethan Block Biology
Michael Boyd Music
Jeff Bukowski Public Policy
Michael Cadaret Graduate Psychology
Doug North Cook Art and Design
Katie Cruger Communication
Heather Cunningham Education
Debbie Delong Business
John Dimoff Graduate Psychology
Pat Downey Health Sciences
Michelle Doyle Mathematics
MaryDee Fisher Nursing
Tyra Good Education
Deanna Hamilton Counseling Psychology
Mark Haney Data Science and Management of Information Systems
Kristin Harty Education
Kevin Hatala Biology
Susan Hawkins Physician Assistant Program
Nicole Z. Hoh Nursing
Jordan Hooks Biology
Anthony Isacco Counseling Psychology
Linda Johnson Biology
Alice Julier Food Studies
Karen Kingsbury International Studies
Lisa Lambert Biology
Won Hyung Lee Business/Economics
Tina Lekas Occupational Therapy
Rob Lettan Chemistry
Jackie Lever Nursing
Mary Jo Loughran Counseling Pyschology
Joe MacNeil Chemistry
Lou Martin History
Heather McNaugher English
Emily Mohn-Slate English
Maureen Monhollen Interior Architecture
Jennifer Morse Counseling Psychology
Darlene Motley Business
Michelle Niculescu Psychology
Marc Nieson English
Prajna Parasher Film & Digital Technology
Will Pfalzgraff Chemistry
Jim Pierson Accounting
Marcus Poindexter Social Work
Welkin Pope Biology
Allie Reznik English
Elisabeth Roark Art and Design
Saglinda Roberts Interior Architecture
Christine Sarteschi Social Work and Criminology
Mim Seidel Food Studies
Jean-Jacques Sene History
Kristin Shaeffer Film and Digital Technology
Sarah Shotland English
Sheila Squillante English
Kasey Stepansky Occupational Therapy
Andrea Stevens Neuroscience
Jennie Sweet-Cushman Political Science
Carrie Tippen English
Anissa Wardi English
Erin Marie Williams-Hatala Biology
Leia Wilson Humanities
Lisa Wiltbank Science
Joseph Wister Psychology
Gina Zanardelli Counseling Psychology