Chatham University


The following resolution was adopted by Chatham University's Board of Trustees on Thursday, May 1st 2014.

WHEREAS, Chatham University (the University) was founded in 1869 to address one of the great social inequalities of the time: women's lack of access to the same high quality education that men received at the mostly all-male colleges of the time;

WHEREAS, since its founding the University has remained committed to providing access to high quality education that meets important societal needs of the times, most recently by creating graduate and online education programs to prepare women and men for professional careers that include strong liberal arts backgrounds;

WHEREAS, the University's Board of Trustees wishes to reorganize the University's academic units to provide for closer collaboration between undergraduate and graduate programs;

WHEREAS, the University's Board of Trustees wishes to preserve the University's mission to women and women's education, through public programming as well as academic opportunities, in ways that meet the needs of women both now and in the future, including the establishment of the Chatham University Women's Institute;

WHEREAS, the University's Board of Trustees wishes to provide access to a high quality Chatham University education to even more undergraduate women and men; 

NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Trustees hereby approves: (1) the reorganization of Chatham University by academic units within vertically integrated Colleges and Schools; (2) the implementation of coeducation within all Chatham University Colleges and Schools; and (3) alongside the commitment to eachstudent who will attend Chatham University, the creation of structures and programs to preserve Chatham University's commitment to women's education and leadership.