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Cleaning & Facilities

Keeping areas clean and updating our facilities are pivotal steps in slowing the spread of the virus. Here's what we're planning:


Cleaning & Sanitation

Public spaces at Chatham will be kept clean according to CDC guidelines. To assist with this effort, Chatham has hired additional cleaning staff and developed new protocols, including: 

  • Use of cleaning products that meet CDC and EPA disinfection criteria. 
  • Daily cleaning of high touch surfaces in public areas of campus buildings. 
  • Cleaning of restroom and shower areas twice a day. 
  • The use of disinfectant fogger backpacks and additional CDC cleaning protocols for cleaning any campus locations impacted by a positive COVID case. 
  • Installation of sanitizer wipe stations in classrooms, on the floors of residence hall and in other high impact spaces to facilitate self-cleaning.  
  • We are treating fabric seating with an enduring disinfectant that lasts for three months.

Facilities Enhancements

  • Chatham has installed Plexiglass barriers at over 70 high-traffic or priority areas on campus.
  • Chatham has also installed High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters (used in many medical and healthcare settings) where possible, and hospital grade MERV-13 filters elsewhere. 
  • Air volume will be increased throughout all major buildings to maximize the air circulation turnover and efficiency.
  • We purchased an additional 30 portable HEPA filters for classrooms, appropriate for 2000 square-feet.
  • We have replaced most of the classroom window units with quieter units. These also provide fresh air into room when running.
  • Signage on walls and floors reinforce occupancy limits and social distancing requirements.