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Housing & Dining

Extra precautions have been put into place in Chatham's residence halls and dining facilities. Read on to learn more. 

Housing Information 

De-densifying Residence Halls
Residence halls have been de-densified by temporarily converting doubles without semi-private restrooms to singles and triples/quads without semi-private restrooms to doubles. Residency requirement for all First Year and Second Year and new students have been lifted to help voluntarily reduce the numbers on campus.

Guest Privileges
Guest privileges have been suspended until further notice. Resident students are not permitted to host off-campus guests (including family and friends) in their room, apartment, or building. Additionally, resident students can only visit other residents live within the same building or tower. Example: A resident that lives on Fickes 1st Floor cannot have a guest from Dilworth. However, they can host a resident from Fickes 2nd Floor.

Lounges and Community Spaces
Lounges and community spaces in the residence halls and Chatham Apartments may be closed or have occupancy restrictions imposed. Residents must adhere to lounge/community spaces closures and any posted occupancy restrictions at all times. See FAQ below for information on community kitchens. 

Dining Information 

Hours of Operation
For the latest hours of operation by location, please visit the Dining Page on MyChatham. 

Safety Precautions
In order to promote safety in the dining areas, a number of changes are being put into place.

  • Your daily health screening card (or ChathamU app pass) must be shown prior to entry into our facilities, and masks must be worn at all times, except when seated at a table and eating.
  • A temperature-controlled tent will be setup on the Shadyside campus for additional seating and dining capacity.
  • Prime dining times will be revised to adequately serve all students, while maintaining social distancing. Anderson Dining Hall will employ 30-minute reserved dining times. If at any time our dining room is at capacity, we will ask you to take either the Pick 3 option or to-go.
  • Due to timing, all made-to-order stations will be changed into prepared items and feature an all-in-one meal.
  • Eating and servery areas have been reconfigured. Tables and chairs were set up as advised by Allegheny County Health Department and CDC requirements. It is forbidden to move any tables or chairs at any time. Seating in Anderson Dining Hall and Chatham Eastside is reduced capacity and the number of chairs per table is reduced. Dining tables are on a GREEN = GO (disinfected), RED = STOP (needs cleaned) system, where guests can flip to red when finished dining.
  • Anderson Dining Hall, Chatham Eastside and the Eden Hall cafeteria in the Esther Barazzone Center have served stations, Pick-3, or to-go options. Beverages remain self-served, but we have an adjusted disinfecting schedule, and will purchase equipment, where possible, to make beverages touchlessly dispensed.
  • We’ve made the decision to move to all disposable plates, napkins, "silverware". All of the items, including silverware and appropriate condiments, will be served with your food at each station. We are not using our re-usable to-go containers this year.
  • There is a one-way aisle into the dining space and a one-way aisle out.

Mobile and Grocery Ordering
Mobile orders can be placed from 11:00am-5:30pm (last pick up is 6:00pm) Friday, and Monday-Thursday 11:00am-7:30pm (last pick up is 8:00pm). Pick up locations are at Anderson or Cafe Rachel.

"How-to's" can be found on my.chatham under Dining Services documents

Merchants labeled "meal swipes" will accept student meal swipes or faculty/staff meals. Merchants labeled "declining balance" will accept student FLEX or cougar dollars.

Students, faculty or staff are able to purchase groceries through us and schedule a contact-less pickup. This is available at all 3 campuses. A "How-to" for placing grocery orders can be found here on my.chatham. As a reminder, students can use up to 2 meal swipes ($16)/week towards groceries.

**If you do not receive an email confirmation from any of the ordering options above (groceries or mobile), we do not have your order, and a step may have been missed in the process.

Satellite Dining Locations at Shadyside Campus
Welker Room is available for eating and studying. Café Rachel will have vegan & gluten-free entrée options available by request in the Pick-3 Program. Cafe Rachel only offers espresso beverages and serve as a Pick-3 location for a meal swipe. All seating has been removed, and the entrance/exit and traffic patterns have been adjusted.

Family Style To-Go Meals
We offer a number of to-go family style meals for Students, Faculty, and Staff. Students are permitted to use 2 meal swipes ($16) towards Family Style Meals; otherwise, credit cards are accepted. Menus are available on Instagram or Facebook. Pickup available at Shadyside Campus or Eden Hall Campus. Check your email for details throughout the semester. 

FAQs for Housing

In the event the University must close the residence halls and terminate a housing contract or lease before the end of term due to a public health crisis, like COVID-19, students would be expected to vacate housing by a set deadline the Office of Residence Life provides them. Chatham will offer pro-rated room and board credits/reimbursements for impacted students as appropriate and based on available information. This applies to students living in on-campus housing and students placed in leased off-campus apartments at 600 South Highland and 6236 Fifth Avenue. 

Room occupancy is being reduced in any residence hall where there is a large communal bathroom, in order to reduce the number of individuals sharing communal and individual room space. Occupancy is not being reduced in locations (i.e., apartments) that have their own bathrooms. The protocols and frequency of cleaning for residence hall bathrooms and shared spaces are also being enhanced.

Room occupancy has only been reduced in residence halls rooms that utilize a communal bathroom on the floor. Room occupancy remains the same the apartments because they have their own semi-private bathroom. Each apartment houses 2 to 3 students who share the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with each other. Students living in a one-bedroom apartment or in the double bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment share their bedroom with a roommate.

No, masks will not be required when you are inside your residence hall room or apartment, but they are required in all public spaces. This includes residence hall and apartment stairwells, hallways, laundry rooms, community kitchens, lounges/community spaces, and communal bathrooms. Masks must be worn outside when 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The community kitchens in each residence hall are presently open for student use, but will have a reduced occupancy limit of no more than 1 student in the kitchen at a time. While in the kitchen students will be required to wear a mask. Cleaning products will be placed in each kitchen and students will be asked to wipe down counters and other touch points before and after student use.

FAQs for Dining

Those who bring their lunch are invited to enjoy it at the tent by the pond, the Welker Room, or the Mellon Board Room on Shadyside Campus. For those at Eden Hall Campus, they can utilize the outdoor tables or the large barn, and those at Eastside can eat in the cafeteria.
We will have items available for your next meal, for you to swipe and take with you. (two meal swipes will be permitted per meal period) For example, at dinner, you can purchase (use a meal) a breakfast to take with you for the next morning.
FLEX and Cougar Dollars can be used at any campus dining location, for groceries and will be able to be used at area Eat'n Park Hospitality Group restaurants: Eat'n Park - Squirrel Hill, Hello Bistro - Oakland, and The Porch at Schenley.