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Campus Dashboard

This page displays the COVID-19 campus metrics dashboard.

Weekly Dashboard

The Dashboard compiles several of the metrics that Chatham uses to inform our decision-making and in determining which Alert Level Chatham is in at any given point in time. This Dashboard began on the Week of 8.17 and group sample testing began on 9.9. 

The Dashboard is updated twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday). The Dashboard was also updated Friday, 10.16 to share the most recent data and weekly trends (below). 

Dashboard: Updated as of 10.28.20

Metric 10.27 to 10.28 Cumulative
On-Campus Tests (Students-Only) 33 989
Self-Reported Tests (Students) 2 48
Self-Reported Tests (Employees) 0 16
Positive Cases  1 48
Residential Students 0 25
Commuter Students 1 23
Employees 0 0
Isolation/Quarantine Campus Spaces In Use 0 0
Quantity of PPE Green n/a

On-campus testing is currently for students only. Employees receive COVID tests through their medical provider or Allegheny County, and should self-report their test results to Chatham to inform this Dashboard. 

Weekly Trends

This is a report of weekly trends on tests, positive cases and positivity rates. Date ranges run from Saturday to Friday each week. 

Dashboard: through 10.23.20

Date Range Tests Cases Positivity Rate
10.17 to 10.23 206 5 2.4%
10.10 to 10.16 196 31 15.8%
10.3 to 10.9 191 6 3.1%
9.26 to 10.2 119 1 .84%
9.19 to 9.25 91 0 0%
9.12 to 9.18 85 1 1.2%
9.5 to 9.11 71 2 2.8%
8.29 to 9.4 13 0 0%
8.22 to 8.28 18 0 0%

Allegheny County Data

For the latest information and data from Allegheny County, please visit the Allegheny County Health Department Dashboard.  

Spring and Summer Data 

Chatham is aware of 5 student and 0 employee cases from the spring and summer of 2020 prior to the start of this dashboard. This data may not be complete as it's based on self-reported data only.