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Master of Education in Special Education

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As much as classrooms need devoted teachers capable of breaking down barriers for students with special educational needs, the students they serve need them more. The quality of instruction necessary to help students reach the heights of their abilities is great, but the outcome for both teacher and pupil is that much more rewarding. That's why Chatham University's Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education program is committed to producing compassionate, highly skilled educators that can enrich the lives of students with disabilities and exceptional needs. For educators, the MEd will not only deliver skill sets tailored to issues in special education, but also provide credentials for advancement and growth within their careers.

The Master of Education in Special Education requires that students already be certifiied in another area (Pre-K through 4, middle grades, or a secondary area such as English, science, history, etc.). With content and competencies meeting and exceeding requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education Special Education certification for grades PreK-8 and 7-12, this program is designed to complement and enhance your existing certification in another area.

MEd in Special Education Program Structure (30 Credits)

The MEd in Special Education is attainable in two ways: for those seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education certification in Special Education, the concentration will function as a hybrid program, letting students complete the online portion as normal but require classroom instruction at Chatham for certain courses necessary for their certification; students can also obtain a non-certification Special Education track that can be completed fully online. In either case, teachers will learn to develop and deepen their conceptual understanding while strengthening their instructional practices.

Classroom instruction is held during evenings, convenient for current working teachers as they develop heightened skills and credentials. The program also allows flexibility for students who do not wish to earn their master's degree but do wish to complete the required coursework for PA Department of Education certification in Special Education.

Students who have earned an MAT at Chatham may transfer 9 credits from their MAT degree to the MED program.

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