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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Kristin Seale

District: PA-168

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Kristin Seale

Kristin Seale was raised with the idea that if she had enough to eat and a place to sleep, it was her responsibility to serve others in need. She spent much of her childhood volunteering for Maryland School for the Blind, a homeless breakfast, peer groups for children of divorce, and the first wave of people living with HIV/AIDS. Currently, Kristin is on the leadership team of a statewide energy nonprofit that assists residents in conserving energy and saving money. She has also founded two successful nonprofit women’s sports organizations. In November 2017, Seale was elected Rose Tree Media School Board Director. Her experience serving the public gives her a reputation as a reliable, active, and compassionate listener. She hopes to bring about positive changes for public safety, public education, civil rights and social equity, and improving the health and lives of the community by promoting economic growth.

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