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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Donna Bullock

District: PA-195

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Donna Bullock

Representative Donna Bullock is an attorney, mother, wife, and a tireless public servant, who is committed to supporting working class families. She does this through legislation that funds public education, creates jobs, and builds healthy, sustainable communities. She is an advocate for equal pay, increased minimum wage, clean energy and environmental justice, and quality public schools and pre-k education. Before her election in 2015, Bullock worked as special assistant and attorney for the Philadelphia City Council President’s Office, and as an attorney at Community Legal Services and Laura Solomon and Associates. Currently, Representative Bullock serves on the boards of Community Legal Services, Philadelphia Legal Assistance, Gesu School, and the Board of City Trusts, and on the advisory boards of the Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania, Smith Memorial Playground, Parent-Child Home Program, and Columbia North YMCA.

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