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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Katie Muth

District: PA-44

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Katie Muth

Katie Muth is a dynamic leader ready to make Harrisburg more effective for the citizens of Pennsylvania. She drives change by creating opportunities and providing resources to those who seek to be active in their communities. After the 2016 presidential election, Muth met with local community members to organize a grassroots effort to empower those who want positive social change, and in the process created Indivisible Mid Montco. Currently, Katie is Chair, and membership has blossomed to hundreds of members throughout the county. Katie is ready to bring logic, compassion, and reason to Harrisburg, ensuring evidence-based approach is used to tackle problems in healthcare, education, and the economy. She will fight to ensure that freedom, balance, and progress are centered during the decision-making process of all legislation. Muth is committed to create protections for women and families, including equal pay, affordable child care, livable wage, and paid family leave.

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