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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Sara Innamorato

District: PA-21

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Sara Innamorato

A lifelong PA-21 resident, Sara Innamorato is passionate about community empowerment and activism and is a champion for food access, social justice, and women’s rights issues. Innamorato is especially passionate about addressing the opioid crisis since her fathers’ addiction and then death introduced uncertainty into her and her family’s lives. After her graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, Innamorato joined a leadership program with a large international tech company. While working in the private sector, she sought volunteer opportunities with community organizations, before accepting a job at a small environmental justice nonprofit. Inspired by the new wave of women running for office, in conjunction with Pennsylvania ranking 49th in women’s’ representation in government, she decided to apply her business expertise and leadership skills to the state government. Innamorato’s priorities are healthcare for all, address economic inequalities, increase access affordable and equitable housing, create protections, improve the quality of public schools, protect rights for small businesses, workers’ and women, and safeguard environmental protection.

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