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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Jennifer Rager-Kay

District: PA-85

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Jennifer Rager-Kay

Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay, like many in her community, is committed to faith, family, and the future. She is the daughter of a coal miner so she understands concerns about losing a large source of income, jobs, and energy. Her father served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, and she is a member of the VFW Auxiliary, and Marine Corps League Auxiliary, so she has tremendous amount of respect for veterans and how they are treated. Since returning to PA, Rager-Kay has been active member of the community, advocating for positive change, growth, and sustainability in the area. As a physician and mother of a 4-year-old son, it is her duty to bring awareness to the health and welfare of residents of the 85th district. Her ideas for the community emphasize the need to put people first. She is running to serve as a voice for the people, and to fight for what is right, not what is expected.

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