Chatham University

Webinar on Demystifying Customer Relationship Management Software “CRM”

December 5, 2017
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Fee : Free, registration required
Location : Online

Entrepreneur and certified CRM instructor Terrence Pavlin comes to the table with over 15 years of CRM expertise. Terry understands the frustration that many business owners and CRM operators feel as they try to find and implement their CRM systems. He will demystify CRM in the following manner:
-Defining exactly what CRM means
-Helping you decide if it’s just a fancy contact list or can it be a game changing business solution
-Defining who the CRM players are and how you can determine which is best for your business
-How someone that is technically challenged can benefit from the right CRM implementation
-This session will include an opportunity for Q&A to fulfill the individual needs of the audience.

Registration closed.

Event Contact Information

Anne Flynn Schlicht