Chatham University

WBC Director

Anne Flynn Schlight, WBC Director

Anne Flynn Schlicht


Anne received her Masters of Business Studies in Entrepreneurship from the University of Limerick, Ireland and a Best Practice in Teaching Entrepreneurship Certificate from the University of Cambridge, UK. Anne brings a wealth of international experience as a professor of entrepreneurship and as a business consultant. Anne has presented at seminars and conferences internationally on the topic of entrepreneurship education and women entrepreneurs. In January 2005, Anne was chosen as the second "Rooney International Visiting Scholar," which facilitated her move to the US. Anne joined the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship in 2008.

Business Development Specialist

Wendy Mascio, Business Development Specialist

Wendy Mascio


Wendy is a serial entrepreneur that started her entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Medical Equipment Source, LLC a multi-million dollar medical equipment company. After experiencing domestic and international success, Wendy went on to co-found VIVO Worldwide Inc. to serve as a strategic partner to Medical Equipment Source, LLC to manage the growing international distributions channels as well as medical device development. Her next entrepreneurial endeavor CompleteIt Consultants was formed from Wendy's years of entrepreneurial experience where she utilizes her talents in "getting things done" to help organizations succeed by planning, implementing and achieving their goals. Wendy's passion for the entrepreneurial spirit has led her to be active with business development/entrepreneurial programs at several universities and organizations around the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Wendy was an award winning sales professional with over a decade in Pharmaceutical sales and sales training experience. Wendy believes that the entrepreneurial dream is attainable through with good planning, strategic execution and hard work.