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Webinar: Independent Contractor Or Employee? Classification Do's & Don'ts

March 7, 2024
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
online - Zoom

While Independent Contractors may be a necessary and strategic component to your business, the IRS, Workers Compensation, Department of Labor and other state agencies are concerned with whether a worker has been misclassified.
During this webinar, we will discuss nuanced differences among various tests deployed for determining the status of workers as either employees or independent contractors, including discussion of the January 9, 2024, Department of Labor ruling favoring employee status. These designations have substantial consequences in the event of misclassification.

We'll also discuss the Pros & Cons of Each:
- How to decide whether to hire a contractor vs. employee;
- Documentation necessary to prove workers qualify as independent contractors;
- Benefits of hiring an independent contractor or employee; and
- When you would want to hire an employee instead of a contractor.

Beth A. Slagle, Partner | Meyer, Unkovic & Scott

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