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The Center Member of the Month


Member of the Month: Mary Tremonte

October 2021

Mary Tremonte, Mary Mack Prints

Mary Tremonte is a Printmaker, activist, DJ, and educator who began making screen-printed textiles and artworks under the Mary Mack Prints brand as a natural offshoot of her wide-ranging, print-focussed artistic practice. She creates artwork intended for daily activation, including hankies, posters, and embroidered badges - all of which foster interdependence, respect, and love.

Member of the Month: Sydney Hardiman

September 2021

Sydney Hardiman, SewForward

Sydney Hardiman is the Sewing Program Manager for SewForward, a program of the non-profit, East End Cooperative Ministry. SewForward is a cut & sew studio providing high-quality small-batch manufacturing while providing job training and employment opportunities for people facing difficulty in the workforce. SewForward helps people bring their sewn product ideas to life.

Member of the Month: Stacy Berry

August 2021

Stacy Berry, Stacy's Dog Watch

Stacy is the owner and founder of Stacy's Dog Watch, a premium facility dedicated to providing Boarding, Grooming & Daycare for your Fur-babies, and committed to fulfilling an awesome experience for your pet! They are focused on your pets well-being, mentally and physically, through love, exercise, socialization, and training.

Member of the Month: Shay Port

July 2021

Shay Port, Financial Wellness

Shay Port, CPA and Financial Coach, is the owner and founder of Financial Wellness. Shay coaches people in transforming financial habits, eliminating debt forever, maximizing savings and investments and to become empowered in the areas of personal financial management and wealth creation.

Member of the Month: Kari Broze

June 2021

Kari Broze, Kandid Insight

Kari Broze is the Founder and CEO of Kandid Insights, Inc. which provides fractional CFO and Controller services to early stage, small, and medium sized businesses. With her vast knowledge of accounting/finance, operations, and HR, she is ready to bring a variety of solutions to help you grow and scale your business.

Member of the Month: Karen Kendal

May 2021

Karen Kendal,

Karen Kendall is the Founder & Owner of East End Tech Concierge (EETC), a technology troubleshooting/training company that helps residents, small businesses, and nonprofits navigate the everchanging world of technology, providing personalized in-home, in-office, and remote services since 2017.

Member of the Month: Bea Spolidoro

April 2021

Bea Spolidoro, Principal at Fisher ARCHitecture

Bea Spolidoro is the co-owner and Principal at Fisher ARCHitecture, a firm that has been recognized for quality, contemporary, Pittsburgh green design. Their designs are Thoughtful + Progressive + Contextual

Member of the Month: Cidalia Cornelio

March 2021

Cidalia Cornelio, Dungula Foundation

Cidalia Cornelio is the President & Founder of the Dungula Foundation for Community and Economic Development, which seeks to provide resources and support to key projects for nonprofit organizations that aid to rebuild local economies and foster resilient, healthy communities.

Member of the Month:

February 2021

Leigh Ducoeur, Healthy@Home, LLC

Leigh Ducoeur, MOT, OTR/L, is the founder of Healthy@Home, LLC. H@H provides in-home services for seniors, including personal fitness/balance training, home safety assessments with home modifications/smart home set-ups, as well as consultations as a dementia practitioner and health & wellness coach.

Member of the Month: Alison Zapata & Oreen Cohen

January 2021

Alison Zapata & Oreen Cohen, OOA Designs

Alison Zapata & Oreen Cohen owners & founders of OOA Designs (pronounced ooo- ahh) a woman and artist-owned Pittsburgh-based design company specializing in creating site-specific public and private art commissions. OOA's designs combine both aesthetics and function to create steel art structures that embrace color, form, and nature.


Member of the Month: Debra Flint

December 2020

Debra Flint, Quiet Retreat Therapy

Debra is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual and couples counseling in the New Castle, PA area for 20+ years. She uses Gestalt, EMDR, and other modalities to meet the needs of my clients in a judgment-free atmosphere.

Member of the Month: Tiffany Kelly

November 2020

Tiffany Kelly, Primerica Financial Services

Tiffany Kelly, Regional Vice President, with Primerica Financial Services. Tiffany helps hard-working families develop a customized, comprehensive, and complimentary financial game plan to become properly protected, debt-free, and financially independent in these volatile times. She also specializes in financial planning for self-employed individuals and small business owners, working with our strategic partnerships with some of the most well-known companies in the industry.

Member of the Month: Diana Stoughton

October 2020

Diana Stoughton, Gryphons Tea

Diana Stoughton has been brewing and blending at Gryphon's Tea for more than 10 years. Their Bloomfield location has a collection of more than 300 carefully selected herbs, spices, and teas to make your favorite cuppa or comfort food.

Member of the Month: Renee Vichie

September 2020

Renee Vichie, The Waterfall Cafe

Renee Vichie, owns and operates Waterfall Catering. This local company specializes in delivering fresh, visually beautiful food displays to corporate offices & social events for groups of 20 to 500.

Member of the Month: Kelly Scott

August 2020

Kelly Scott, Harmonie Laden

Kelly Scott is the owner of Harmonie Laden, a gift and candy shop located in Historic Harmony. Harmonie Laden specializes in locally made items and specialty chocolates and candy. Instagram @harmonieladen

Member of the Month: Hilary Schenker

July 2020

Hilary Schenker, Green Comma Media

Hilary Schenker is the founder and owner of Green Comma Media, a graphic design studio specializing in illustrated and animated content for entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations.

Member of the Month: Kyshira S. Moffett

June 2020

Kyshira S. Moffett, The Power Collective

The Power Collective is a management consulting firm with specialties in business development, marketing, and branding. We provide private coaching and consulting services to woman-owned small and medium-sized businesses. The firm also offers corporate training programs where we are able to facilitate intimate and large scale workshops on-site for your teams.

Member of the Month: Rachel Keeney

May 2020

Rachel Keeney, Keeny Design

Rachel Keeney is a graphic designer and illustrator who works with small businesses, non-profits, and individuals to find the best creative solutions. Rachel specializes in branding, advertising and publications, custom illustrations, and promotional and event materials.

Member of the Month: Karen Wilson Connor

April 2020

Karen Wilson Connor, Remax

Karen Wilson Connor, is a realtor at Remax; whether you are buying or selling a home it can be stressful, RELAX! Let Karen do the work for you. Karen is the key to your dream home for all stages of your life - first time home buyer, growing family or downsizing senior.

Member of the Month: Tesha L. Nesbit

March 2020

Tesha L. Nesbit, Phoenix Rising Coaching

Tesha L. Nesbit, RCC, is the founder and Principal of Phoenix Rising Coaching, a coaching and consulting firm that specializes in transformations and makes reinventions a reality. Phoenix Rising is dedicated to everyone traveling through their own encore awakening.

Member of the Month: Karen Toole

February 2020

Karen Toole, And Flowers

Karen Toole is the founder and lead designer of And Flowers, a business that focuses on bringing people together, with, and for, flower arranging parties. The business started with the goal of giving wedding enthusiasts a way to support the couple by making the wedding flower arrangements while assuring professional-looking results. And Flowers now offers seasonal classes, workshops, bachelorette parties, and more.

Member of the Month: Jane Offutt

January 2020

Jane Offutt, Accomplishonline, LCC.

Jane created, ACCOMPLISH READING App, a patented curriculum, which teaches 3rd- 8th grade students the important strategy of re-reading. Re-reading improves reading comprehension as well as reading test scores.


Member of the Month: Judy Masucci

December 2019

Judy Masucci, Levana Bratique

Judy Masucci is a Ph.D. Scientist turned Bra Fitting Expert. She lives in Wexford, PA, just north of Pittsburgh, where she operates the region's only woman-owned specialty bra boutique, Levana Bratique. Judy has been fitting women in great bras for over 12 years, both virtually and in person. She specializes in hard to find sizes, carrying over 200 different sizes of bras. Often referred to as the "bra whisperer," Judy has made it her mission to change lives - one bra at a time.

Member of the Month: Elizabeth Sherman

November 2019

Elizabeth Sherman, Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold, Pittsburgh Therapy Project is an independent occupational therapy clinic specializing in trauma-sensitive outpatient services including Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga for individuals with complex trauma and family-based pediatric sessions informed by the D.I.R. Model/Floortime approach.

Member of the Month:

October 2019

Priya Osuri, Anar Gourmet Foods

Priya Osuri is the owner of Anar Gourmet Foods which makes all natural, gluten-free proprietary spice blends for authentic & fusion South Indian food with easy recipes based on her family's delicious dishes.

Member of the Month: Tonya Edinger

September 2019

Tonya Edinger, Events of Pittsburgh

Looking for a concierge event planner to handle your Holiday Party needs? Call Tonya Edinger who was voted best planner in Pittsburgh five years in a row by the websites Expertise and Three Best Rated. Check out Events of Pittsburgh for more information.

Member of the Month: Ellen Dayan

July 2019

Ellen Dayan, Tiger Lily Dress Shop Eco-Couture

Tiger Lily offers women an affordable and fun custom fashion design experience using Eco-friendly materials, expert fitting, and truly unique design solutions.

Member of the Month: Megan Casey

June 2019

Megan Casey, Surgical Product Solutions

Surgical Product Solutions is a sustainability company helping healthcare facilities realize significant cost savings on their medical devices; we reduce the cost burdens of bulk surgical inventory purchases, and eliminate the waste expense of surgical inventory expiring.

Member of the Month: Monica Diacopoulos

May 2019

Monica Diacopoulos, HR Help4You

Monica Diacopoulos is CEO of HR Help4You, a business that provides outsourced HR or strategic workforce solutions to meet clients' needs and develops HR innovation solutions that can meet aggressive business objectives.

Member of the Month: Andrea Barber

April 2019

Andrea Barber, INNERgy Vending LLC

Andrea Barber is the Founder & Owner of INNERgy Vending LLC, formally "My Three Sons Vending." She owns a full service vending machine company that offers healthy snacks, beverages, and food. Later this year they will also offer a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription service for deliverable healthy snacks.

Member of the Month: Beth Sanchez

March 2019

Beth Sanchez, Impactful Improv

Beth Sanchez is the Founder & CEO of Impactful Improv, which helps women entrepreneurs strengthen networking and relationship building skills with their clients and teams through interactive improv workshops.

Member of the Month: Krystle Grandy

February 2019

Krystle Grandy, KGrandy Media Co

Krystle Grandy, is the Owner/Chief Strategist of KGrandy Media Co, a social media management & content creation agency that focuses on creating content for their clients based off social listening and out of the box thinking


Member of the Month:

December 2018

Karen Wilson Connor, RE/MAX Select Realty

Karen Connor is a real estate agent who can help you fulfill your new year's resolution of a new home! If your home is too small for your growing family or too large now that your nest is empty, Karen can help!

Member of the Month: Pamela Wolfe

November 2018

Pamela Wolfe, OsteoStrong

Pamela Wolfe is the owner of OsteoStrong, a national health and wellness franchise which promotes skeletal conditioning and says users experience improvements in strength and balance, as well as gains in bone density. A pop-up location is open by appointment In Lawrenceville with a permanent location in East Liberty slated to open late fall.

Member of the Month:

October 2018

Jessica Eberley, HRT Solutions

HRT Solutions provides Human Resource and Talent Acquisition support to businesses of all sizes across the United States and Canada.

Member of the Month: Josie Huffman

September 2018

Josie Huffman, Buzzy Bee Studio

Buzzy Bee Studio makes handmade beeswax candles, producing quality products and making the world better in the process. >

Member of the Month: Gabrielle Michalek

August 2018

Gabrielle Michalek, Transcendent Ground

Transcendent Ground provides spiritual and intuitive guidance to those seeking support as they move through life-changing transitions and grow toward their life's purpose.

Member of the Month: Sarah Cohen

July 2018

Sarah Cohen, PetalVision

Looking at flowers and feathers under glass, different patterns can be observed and celebrated. PetalVision's unique jewelry designs transform perceptions of nature.

Member of the Month: Sara Petyk

June 2018

Sara Petyk, Noble Invention Bike Touring

Noble Invention Bike Touring aspires to become the country's most popular self-guided bike tour operator, offering bike tours on the best trail systems and off-road routes in the country.

Member of the Month: Pamela Israel

May 2018

Pamela-Israel, Unlock Your History

Unlock Your History provides historical and genealogical translation, specializing in German and Scandinavian languages and offers a Journey Book providing context and personalized fascinating "extras."

Member of the Month: Rebecca Myers

April 2018

Rebecca Myers, Principal, Gentile Horoho & Avalli, P.C.

Rebecca is a family law attorney practicing support, divorce and custody law throughout Western PA using litigation, mediation and collaborative law techniques.

Member of the Month: Monique DeMonaco

March 2018

Monique DeMonaco, Coach Monique & Associates

Monique DeMonaco specializes in innovative tools, techniques, and strategies to help her clients make long-term sustainable changes in their lives and businesses.

Member of the Month: Tasha Gideon

February 2018

Tasha Gideon, Verrah

Verrah is a growth agency, with special expertise in helping companies be more relevant to women.

Member of the Month: Diane Danforth

January 2018

Diane Danforth, Americat

Americat Company stands for safe materials, beautiful designs, and American made; learn more about their cat bowls, scratchers, and identification tags at


Member of the Month: Jo Ana Vaz

December 2017

Jo Ana Vaz, Pit Shop

Jo Ana Vaz Founder & CEO at PIT Shop, LLC. PIT Shop provides healthy snack options and fruit boxes to offices in Pittsburgh, PA, delivering an assortment of breakfast bars, energy bars, savory snacks, bananas, oranges, local apples and pears. Bringing healthy to your office!

Member of the Month: Kathy Serenko

November 2017

Kathy Serenko,

Kathy Serenko, of, focuses on good content that establishes you as a trusted industry expert: the best kind of marketing there is.

Member of the Month: Mary Jayne McCullough

October 2017

Mary Jayne McCullough, Global Wordsmiths

Global Wordsmiths is a social enterprise with a mission to improve language access in the region by providing high-quality, low-cost or no-cost language translation and interpretation services to clients, English language learners and stakeholders.

Member of the Month: Katharine Perry

September 2017

Katharine Perry, Fort Pitt Capital

As a financial professional, Katharine is dedicated and passionate about working with professionals on financial analysis and planning, to assist them in reaching their financial goals.

Member of the Month: Kristy Knichel

August 2017

Kristy Knichel, CEO and President of Knichel Logistics

Kristy Knichel is the CEO and President of Knichel Logistics, a WOSB-certified, family-run business that specializes in intermodal, less than truckload, full truckload, and specialty services.

Member of the Month: Neysha Arcelay

July 2017

Neysha Arcelay, President and Founder | Precixa

Neysha Arcelay is the President and Founder of Precixa, which provides advisory services supporting operational excellence, quality management systems, supplier management, organizational change management, and program/project management.

Member of the Month: Anna Bixler

June 2017

Anna Bixler, Community Manager, Industrious

As the manager of a new coworking space at One PPG Place, Anna enjoys making her members feel welcome and proud to come to work each day, as well as showing off the 31st-floor views to perspective members.

Member of the Month: Tracy L Zihmer

May 2017

Tracy L Zihmer, founding partner, Zihmer Law Firm

Tracy enjoys working closely with clients and focuses her practice areas on Estates and Trusts and Corporate/General Business Law.

Member of the Month: Christine Pikutis-Musuneggi

April 2017

Christine Pikutis-Musuneggi

As a financial planner with The Musuneggi Financial Group, Christine guides business owners, families, and professionals in everything from budgeting basics to milestone moments. The Musuneggi Financial Group is an independent, family-owned financial services firm headquartered in Pittsburgh's South Hills. We are especially proud to have dedicated over thirty years to helping women identify and realize their financial goals.

Member of the Month: Jodie L Hnatkovic

March 2017

Jodie L Hnatkovich

Jodie L Hnatkovich, MS, CRC, LPC is the Clinician and Owner of Forward Wellness Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC, a Mental Health Counseling agency specializing in helping women and families navigating the Darkside of Motherhood.

Member of the Month: Judy Masucci

February 2017

Judy Masucci

Judy Masucci is the owner of Levana Bratique, the only independent, women-owned store of its kind in the greater Pittsburgh area. Judy carries bras in all sizes and specializes in difficult-to-find sizes!

Member of the Month: Dora Walmsley

January 2017

Dora Walmsley

Dora Walmsley is the co-owner of 52nd Street Market, LLC, a community-focused corner store specializing in locally-sourced goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods.


Member of the Month:

November 2016

Joan Gohh

Joan Gohh is a partner at PT-Helper which has developed a mobile app that helps physical therapy patients with their prescribed home recovery program.

Member of the Month:

October 2016

Karen Wilson Connor

Karen of Re/MAX Select Realty is a realtor and a matchmaker, who can introduce you to a home you will love!

Member of the Month:

September 2016

Stacy Etherson

Stacey Etherson of HR Solutions for Small Business, LLC, shows small business owners how to use effective strategies so the staff will be engaged and the company can grow.

Member of the Month: Helena Trent

August 2016

Helena Trent

Helena Trent is the president of Profit Insites, which assists business owners in building their businesses online with effective website design and meaningful online marketing strategies

Member of the Month: Jessica Strong

July 2016

Jessica Strong

Jessica Strong is the Founder & CEO of Whetstone Workgroup, a shared co-working space that features on-site drop-in daycare and provides support to people just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Member of the Month: Jane Ann Regan

June 2016

Jane Ann Regan

Jane Ann Regan is the Principal of Regan Management Consulting, LLC, an expert marketing resource for companies and non-profits requiring support to develop a marketing strategy, launch a product or program, or guidance in establishing an in-house marketing function

Member of the Month: Cindy Ellek

May 2016

Cindy Ellek

Cindy Ellek is the Business Development Manager for Green Seven Technologies, the managed IT and cloud computing services company built on outstanding, timely customer service and providing a 7-minute guaranteed response time to small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities

Member of the Month: Nicolette Spudic

April 2016

Nicolette Spudic

Nicolette Spudic is a consultant at Pick Your Poison Marketing and Small Business Consulting works hard to help small business owners become as successful as possible by offering branding, marketing, and organizational insights and assistance.

Member of the Month: Judith Herron

March 2016

Judith Herron

Judith Herron is a CPA with Markovitz Dugan & Associates, an accounting and business advisory firm that works primarily with closely-held family-owned business, startup enterprises and high net worth individuals. She also provides the Center's accounting consulting for members!

Member of the Month: Sara Partee

February 2016

Sara Partee

Sara Partee is CEO of Steel City Optronics, maker of MM-Video, a next-generation video camera that can detect hidden weapons at a distance, technology which can be used to keep crowds safe from terrorism

Member of the Month: Kim Adley

January 2016

Kim Adley

Kim Adley of Passport to Pittsburgh, LLC, a custom tour design company for Pittsburgh and beyond that provides guests with a "Tourism Trifecta" of Knowledge, Experience, and Fun.


Member of the Month: Pamela Israel

December 2015

Pamela Israel

December's Member of the month is Pamela Israel of PieceMaker Technologies, which puts 3D printing kiosks into toy stores so that with a few swipes of a finger, kids from 6-86 can customize a toy or tag and then watch it print right in store in 30 minutes or less!

Member of the Month: Diane Danforth

November 2015

Diane Danforth

Diane Danforth of Pawdentify & LINKS-IT, whose connectors make pet ID easy and fun, replacing the old metal technology with new, high-tech devices to keep pets safe.

Member of the Month: Rose Morris - Abram's Beds

October 2015

Rose Morris

Rose Morris is the president of Abram's Bed, the manufacturer of The Safety Sleeper: a fully enclosed, 4-in-1 bed system for children and adults with special needs.

Member of the Month: Patricia Renner

September 2015

Patricia Renner

Patricia Renner of Treehouse Sweets, which makes handmade fudge and caramel corn puffs produced and delightfully packaged for your gift-giving needs.

Member of the Month: Denise LaRosa

August 2015

Denise LaRosa

Denise LaRosa of Mom Talk with Denisa LaRosa, LLC, a podcast show designed to motivate, inspire and inform mothers along their journey in motherhood.

Member of the Month: Christine Pikutis Musuneggi

July 2015

Christine Pikutis Musuneggi

Christine Pikutis-Musuneggi, CRPC, CLTC, is a planner with The Musuneggi Financial Group, which works with busy business owners, families, and professionals to make financial planning less complex and intimidating.

Member of the Month: Donna Parliss Barger

June 2015

Donna Parliss Barger

Donna Pavlis Barger, of SG&D Communications and Design, who focus on brand campaigns, website design and development, and integrated graphic design solutions.

Member of the Month: Anupama Jain

May 2015

Anupama Jain

Anupama Jain of Inclusant, which enables organizations to expand diversity and promote inclusion. Services offered by Inclusant include strategic planning, capacity building, professional development, and increased visibility.

Member of the Month: Lisa Seligman

April 2015

Lisa Seligman, Images by Lisa Seligman

The Center's Member of the Month is Lisa Seligman of Images by Lisa Seligman, which provides original photography to clients for their home or work environment, as well as consulting services to help clients with selection, size, and placement of artwork!