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Roadmap to Recovery and Growth Training Program

The Center for Women's Entrepreneurship at Chatham University is offering an innovative growth program titled "Roadmap to Recovery and Growth" designed for business owners seeking to transform and grow in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The "Roadmap to Recovery and Growth" is a five-month program for business owners to gain the knowledge, know-how, and networks to unlock their growth potential through focusing on the critical business areas. Business planning and recovery, critical thinking skills, access to capital and financial management, process improvement, customer engagement and sales processes, employee management, tracking key performance indicators, and strategic decision-making will all be areas of focus.

The program will include a customized curriculum delivered through in-person and online sessions and one-on-one business counseling. This multi-faceted approach will help business owners create tailored and actionable plans to support business growth. Each participant will create a customized roadmap document to track their individualized growth plan. Subject matter experts will provide participants with assessments on the following aspects: Financial Management and the Funding Model, Website and E-Commerce, and HR Management.

How To Apply

Through an application process, up to 30 business owners will participate in the program, identify impact areas to grow their businesses and create customized plans to support that growth. Two cohorts will be created based on the current financial revenues of the business.

Each Participant will receive:

Eligibility Criteria & TimeLine

Eligibility Criteria:

Not Eligible:

Program Timeline:

Selected applicants will participate in five training sessions over five months. One session will be in-person and four sessions online via Zoom.

Required: Zoom capable device and internet access to participate.

Questions: Contact: or call 412-365-1253

The U.S Small Business Administration provided funding for this program.