Strategic Planning: RENEW 2025

Under the leadership of new President, Dr. Rhonda Phillips, Chatham University is undertaking an ambitious 2-year action plan called RENEW 2025. This action plan is focused on helping Chatham adapt and change to unprecedented undergraduate growth since going all-gender a decade ago while staying nimble and innovative. The RENEW action plan is built around the following three core pillars:


Furthering Academic Excellence and Student Success

  • Review, reset, and optimize academic programs and curriculum.
  • Launch programs built on mission, workforce needs, and market potential.
  • Further educational access and affordability for students.


Enhancing the Campus Experience

  • Expand spaces, technology, and programming for students and academics.
  • Build a plan for funding long-term maintenance.
  • Undertake renovations and restoration of historic buildings and arboretum.


Improving Fiscal and Operational Sustainability

  • Align costs and revenue.
  • Invest in new financial systems and analytics.
  • Partner for procurement and other University services.


Our Mission

Chatham University prepares students to lead lives of purpose, meaning and fulfilling work. Through a combination of liberal arts and professional skills building, and close engagement between students, faculty and staff, Chatham teaches its graduates to be informed and engaged citizens in their communities; to welcome and respect diversity of all kinds; and to help improve the fields and communities where they work and live.

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Building on the Past, Embracing a Brighter Tomorrow

For over 150 years, Chatham has a history of success in building on the University’s strengths, yet never being afraid to embrace change and adapt to meet the needs of the day. Highlights of this transformation include:

A founding charter in 1869 that gave women access to a transformative liberal arts education denied to them by other institutions of the time. 150+ years later, Chatham is a vibrant, all-gender University with one of the fastest growing undergraduate populations in Pennsylvania over the past decade and a continued commitment to the arts and sciences, gender equity, and leadership. In the 1920’s, Chatham was the place where environmental icon, Rachel Carson ’29, fell in love with the natural sciences and began her journey to change the world. Today, Chatham is an internationally recognized leader in sustainability education and home to the award-winning sustainable Eden Hall Campus. Over 30 years ago, Chatham launched graduate healthcare programs to serve the growing demand for healthcare practitioners. Today, Chatham is a leader in educating those who put “the care in healthcare” with some of the largest programs in Pennsylvania for physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

These transformations have made Chatham a leader in helping individuals and communities flourish and thrive through improved well-being. Plus, from our three unique Pittsburgh locations and focus on health & sustainability, business & communications, and the arts & sciences, Chatham students are creating a brighter, healthier tomorrow for us all.

With the RENEW action plan, Chatham is preparing to set out on the path that will help this storied university write the next great chapter in its long and distinguished history. Join us.