Chatham’s faculty are more than just professors. They’re scholars and practitioners who can open doors and create opportunities that may be impossible in larger schools. The relationships and opportunities Chatham students create with fellow students and faculty members make their years here as productive as possible. But the knowledge and experiences that come from these connections stay with our students for the rest of their careers, and their lives.
Photo of Chatham University professor leaning over a lectern, speaking with a student


Our professors aren’t just invested in their classes; they’re invested in your success. Because of their contagious passion for their subjects, they’ll get you fired up, too. And because our faculty are here because they prize helping students, they’ll use their experience and their perspective to guide you into the best future possible—at Chatham and beyond.

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Your academic advisor helps you design the path that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Whether it’s helping you figure out what classes to take, talking about what careers might be best, or linking you to opportunities, you can be sure that your Chatham academic advisor is on your side—and has your back.

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Not many schools offer students the opportunities to work with faculty as closely as Chatham does. Whether you’re out in the field monitoring invasive species of plants, at a microscope in the lab, or in the classroom working on a paper to present at a conference, student-faculty collaboration isn’t as much a possibility as it is a solid and reliable part of the Chatham experience.

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Student Profile: Jenny Schollaert '15

“It’s a shock of a community." That’s how Jenny Schollaert ’15, describes Chatham University, from which she is set to graduate in three days. “A good shock,” she quickly clarifies. “Because we’re so welcoming and everyone wants you to succeed. And I think it’s that shocking to some people, and they’re like are you really this excited about seeing me succeed? But yes, they are!”

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Patients. Ping. Protocols. PHP. Passion.

As a health professional for over 40 years, I’ve seen many changes. I’ve watched as hospital patients’ rooms have changed from bare walls with up to eight beds to rooms of only one bed, the walls covered in electronics, including oxygen outlets, electronic suction ports, Wi-Fi heart monitors, and electronic IV pumps.