Mission & Values

Chatham University prepares its students to build lives of purpose, value, and fulfilling work. Through professional skill development and liberal arts learning, Chatham prepares its graduates to be informed and engaged citizens in their communities; to recognize and respect diversity of culture, identity, and opinion; and to live sustainably.

To this end, our work in and out of the classroom prizes our core values of sustainability; women's leadership and gender equity; community engagement; and diversity and inclusion.


Inspired by alumna and environmental pioneer Rachel Carson '29, sustainability is a cornerstone of our mission, operations, academic offerings, and impact–impact that has been recognized by a bevy of awards.

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Women's Leadership and Gender Equity

In 1869, we were founded to empower women and create a more just society. We celebrate this charge every day, through the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics, Chatham Women's Business Center, and Chatham Women's Institute.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate our range of voices and we work toward establishing more diverse, inclusive communities, on campus and around the world. We do this through our Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offering academic support and disability services through the OAAR Center, and other initiatives on and off campus.

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Community and Civic Engagement

Our commitment to serving our communities could be called singular, if it weren't so widely shared by our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. In fact, we've won an award for that, too.

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Mission & Values in Action

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The Falk School of Sustainability at Eden Hall Campus is a 2018 Environmental Leadership Award recipient, recognized by the Pennsylvania Resources Council.