You won’t find every area of study at Chatham University—which means you can rest assured of our excellence in the areas we do offer. Chatham (and Chatham’s graduates) are known nationwide for our expertise in the study and practice of health and sustainability, business and communications, and the arts and sciences. But don’t take our word for it—come get a taste of Chatham’s academics for yourself.

Undergraduate Degrees

Have you known what you want to study since you were ten? Are you planning to explore by taking classes in a number of areas? Wherever you are in thinking about your future course of study, at Chatham you’ll find a wide, deep range of fascinating classes that will challenge and inspire you. Follow your passion, pick up a side interest, make yourself stand out from the crowd—it’s all right here.

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Graduate Degrees

A graduate degree from Chatham University sets you apart through our emphasis on project-based, experiential learning that shows employers that you’re not only capable, you’re accomplished; through our small class sizes and personalized attention; and through our many connections across the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

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Online Programs

When you participate in an online program at Chatham University, you’re not on your own. You’re part of a vibrant cohort led by a passionate instructor committed to your success. Many online programs offer on-site visits or residencies designed to reinforce these relationships.

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International Programs

Whether you’re interested in coming to Chatham from another country, a current Chatham student wishing to study abroad, or simply interested in international cultures, Chatham has programs to suit your needs.

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