New Students & Families

We are very excited to welcome you to Chatham and the great experiences that await you!
Photo of a group of international students eating ice cream on Chatham University's campus

International Student Orientation

This orientation is mandatory for all new undergraduate and graduate international students at the start of their entry term. If you fail to attend orientation, a hold will be placed on your Student Account and you will not be able to update/register for classes. During orientation, you will learn about:

  • Transportation to campus
  • Basic information about housing and meal plans
  • Immigration check-in requirement
  • Schedules and requirements

Photo of a Chatham University student posing between her parents on parents weekend.

Family & Friends Orientation

Please watch for more information on upcoming virtual events and offerings.  For more information, email the Office of Student Affairs or call 412-365-1286. Family & Friends Orientation is designed specifically for you—to meet staff and family members of current students, as well as help you with this major transition.  None of the events are mandatory—it is completely your decision what you would like to participate in!