Students who wish to take undergraduate or graduate classes at Chatham University without enrolling in a degree program may apply to the University as a Non-Degree-Seeking Student. Chatham also offers affordable non-degree certificates for those who want to quickly earn valuable skills. 
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Who Qualifies

Non-degree-seeking students include visiting high school dual enrollment students, Pittsburgh Consortium of Higher Education (PCHE) students, visiting college students outside of PCHE, or adult students wishing to take courses for continuing education.

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More Details

Students taking classes in one of Chatham’s programs but not yet admitted to the program are not eligible for financial aid through the Federal Stafford Loan program. Non-Degree-Seeking Students can take up to six credits before having to enroll in the program, at which time they become Degree-Seeking Students eligible for financial aid as either an undergraduate or a graduate student.

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Nurse Educator Certificate

The Nurse Educator Certificate is a 12-credit online certificate that provides nurses with the basic tools necessary to teach nursing and/or nurses in an academic or clinical setting. The Certificate can be completed in two semesters. The completing of the nurse educator certificate indicates you have successfully passed the coursework and earned the associated credits. Completion of the certificate does not result in certification as a nurse educator.

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Certificates in Web Development and in Technical and Grant-Writing

Be prepared–and stay ahead of the curve–with post-baccalaureate certificates in Technical and Grant Writing and Web Development. Both are 12-credit, fully online certificates that prepare professionals to thrive in areas where clear communication is a must. Each certificate can be completed in one or two semesters. Students take a core group of three courses in their chosen concentration and fine-tune their expertise through one elective.

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Sustainable Leadership Academy (SLA)

Rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, as well as students leaving the 12th grade, can explore various sustainability careers during an unforgettable week-long experiential retreat at Eden Hall Campus–the world's first academic community built to be sustainable from below the ground up. Activities include exploring Pittsburgh during excursions to the city’s sustainable highlights and participating in hands-on experiential learning with faculty in the field.

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