Graduate Counseling Psychology Research

Students have opportunities to engage in a broad array of faculty-led research. Learn about the work being done by our psychology research teams.
Photo of two Chatham University students talking in between stacks of books at Jennie Mellon King Library

Long Purple Line

Investigates perceptions of diversity, inclusion, exclusion, as well as experiences of discrimination among students at a university at the outset of its transition from single-sex to coeducation. Led by Drs. Jen Morse and Mary Jo Loughran.

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Women's Career Development

Focuses on leadership experiences and confidence in negotiation. Led by Dr. Gina Zanardelli.

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Group Therapy

Focuses on extending our understanding of group dynamics and mechanisms of change in effective group therapy, with a particular focus on group intervention with traditionally underserved and culturally diverse populations. Led by Dr. Jill Paquin.

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Women in Male-Dominated Careers

Focuses on examining facilitative factors and barriers to advancement and career success for women working in STEM and other traditionally male-dominated fields. Led by Dr. Jill Paquin.

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Intellectual Disability Quality of Life

Focuses on quality of life factors among individuals with intellectual disabilities and ways to improve them. Led by Dr. Anthony Goreczny.

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Eating & Weight Psychosocial Research

Explores psychosocial factors that determine eating behaviors. Led by Drs. Anthony Goreczny and Joseph Wister.

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Healthy Exercise Habits

This project is examining the influence of characteristic ways of thinking on people’s exercise habits and other health behaviors. Led by Dr. John Dimoff.

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Project Aim: Authoring Identity for Making Career Decisions

This project is researching the efficacy of career construction groups with Chatham University student-athletes. Led by Dr. Michael Cadaret.

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Navigating Stigma & Career Development Among African American Students in STEM

This project is exploring the influence of stereotype threat on social cognitive career development with African-American students in STEM. Led by Dr. Michael Cadaret and Dr. Lei Wang

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Define It!

A consciousness-raising group that focuses on rape culture and bystander behavior on college campuses. This research is testing the efficacy of the program and focuses on the following topics: bystander behavior, rape culture, the role of substance use, and social influence on the occurrence of sexual expectations and sexual assault on college campuses. Led by Dr. Michael Cadaret.

Photo of four young Black boys bowing their heads together in prayer outside

Religion, Spirituality & Masculinity

Continual investigation of how religious and spiritual factors impact men's health. Led by Dr. Anthony Isacco.

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Psychological Health of Clergy Applicants

Quantitative studies of psychological assessment data of clergy applicants in the Catholic Church. Led by Dr. Anthony Isacco.

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Identity & Career Experiences of Psychotherapists Research Team

Focuses on exploring psychotherapists' identity development and professional issues encountered in the course of providing psychotherapy, as a trainee and throughout one's career. Led by Dr. Jill Paquin

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IM4Q Program

The Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) Program at Chatham aims to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities by affording them the opportunity to independently communicate their perception of services provided by Allegheny, Beaver, Greene and Washington County’s contracted residential providers.

Explore the IM4Q Program : Checkerboard 15 - IM4Q Program