An undergraduate certificate is a credential that you earn by taking a group of related classes. It's similar to a minor, but unlike a minor, the classes may be in different departments.

Earning a certificate is a great way to become proficient in a field that complements your major or that you feel passionate about—and it can really make you stand out to an employer.

It was incredible to win the Vira Heinz scholarship—such a life-changing experience. I think my work for the women’s leadership certificate was helpful in helping me get it, because I was able to talk about women in global leadership, which is what the scholarship is meant to encourage. 


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Certificate in International Studies

Students can enhance their degree with a certificate in international studies in one of five major global regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The certificate includes a language requirement, history and culture courses, and an international field experience. Certificate students are eligible for additional study abroad funding. The certificate can be earned in 18 credits. 

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Women's Leadership Certificate

The certificate in women’s leadership offered by the Women’s Institute at Chatham University is a multi-disciplinary program designed to equip students with the theory, skills, and practice of leadership. Students will be prepared to take on leadership roles in their chosen fields and beyond, from business, politics, science, and the arts to healthcare, education, non-profits, NGO’s, and more. In addition to 18 credits of coursework, students are required to participate in two signature programs offered by the Women’s Institute, the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, or the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics. 

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Music Education Certification

Chatham offers a music education certification through a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. At Chatham, students take the courses required for the music major. Concurrently, at Carnegie Mellon, students cross-register for the courses required for certification in music education. In four years, upon successful completion of all courses in both programs, students receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and certification in music education. The program entails 30-33 credits taken at Carnegie Mellon. 

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Certificate in Environmental Social Work

The certificate in environmental social work is a multi-disciplinary certificate designed to equip students with social work principles within the context of environmental justice, food access, and sustainability. It is intended for students who are interested in exploring environmental justice in social work. It does not prepare a student for professional social work practice. Instead, it can be used to understand environmental justice and the value of sustainability to social work. The certificate requires 18 credits to complete. 

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Certificate in Forensic Social Work

The certificate in forensic social work equips students with social work knowledge and skills within the contexts of the American criminal justice, mental health, and child welfare systems. The program fosters graduates committed to social justice who can become change makers within their organizations, communities, and in society at large. It requires 18 credits to complete, including an internship and capstone. 

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