Christopher O'Brien, Ph.D.

Photo of Christopher O'Brien
Coolidge - 221

Hometown:  Monroe, NY
Joined Chatham:  2016


Developmental Psychopathology, Bullying, Victimization, Callous and Unemotional Traits, Peer Relationships, and Aggression.


Running, College Football, Music, and Reading


Christopher O'Brien received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Alabama. Previous courses taught include Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Development, Child Development, Introductory Psychology, Statistical Methods, and Research Methodology.His passion for psychology grew while serving as a research intern for the Mobile Youth Survey, which examined children from 10 to 18 years old at risk for poverty, racial segregation, and substance use.

  • Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2014
  • MA, University of Alabama, 2012
  • BA, State University of New York at Oswego, 2008
  • Society for Research in Child Development
  • Society for Research in Adolescence
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