Growing White Teacher-Advocates

June 30, 2020 to July 14, 2020
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Eden Hall Campus, Chatham University

Cost: $200

This study group for K-12 in-service educators and administrators is intended as a white racial caucus group. White educators will meet four times as they read, discuss and embody Leah Penniman's book "Farming While Black." White caucus groups are spaces where white individuals can process their own racial identities and learn tools for school-based racial justice advocacy in a space that doesn't place additional burden or trauma on black, indigenous or other people of color.

As we discuss the book and what it means for white educator teaching practices, we will work on the farm at Chatham's Eden Hall Campus to help build new garden beds in the Elsalma field. This "work and talk" space will allow educators to be in a mindful, meditative, body-centric space as we dig deep into racial justice topics and their connection to sustainability and food systems. Social distancing and tool sanitation practices will be followed for the in-person farm work.

Learning Objectives (Educators will be able to…):

* Define racism and white supremacy through systemic (vs. individual) lenses

* Explain the history and current state of racism in the food system and society at large

* Plan personal action steps to integrate positive white teacher-advocate practices into teaching and daily life

*Explain why it is important for a white educator with predominantly white students to talk about race in the classroom

* Recognize and explain race dialogue facilitation practices in action

* Construct regenerative, biointensive garden beds and learn a selection of best practices for agroecology.

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, June 30th - 9am - 12pm
Tuesday, July 7th - 9am - 12pm
Thursday, July 9th - 9am - 12pm
Tuesday, July 14th - 9am - 12pm

Kelly Henderson, Eden Hall K-12 Education Manager; Madeline Hennessey, Chatham Bachelor of Sustainability student and trained Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator; Chris Murakami, Assistant Professor of Agroecology and Food Studies.

Cost: $200* (does not include book)
*During the last session, participants will decide which local black-owned/led business or organization to donate their full program fees to. Chatham will not keep any of these program fees.


Fee : $200

Registration has closed. Please contact Kelly Henderson at for additional information.


Eden Hall Campus, Chatham University


Meet at the large parking lot off Ridge Road, across from Orchard Hall dorm and near the big blue water tower.

Contact Information

Kelly Henderson