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The School of Arts & Sciences (SAS) at Chatham University is home to many undergraduate degrees and several thriving graduate programs. We are known for small, dynamic classes, one-on-one advising by expert faculty, flexibility, and a hands-on, open-door approach, because students come first at SAS. The School is proud to house more than 30 undergraduate majors and 3 graduate degrees.
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The Importance of a STEAM Education

Across the nation, schools are only now beginning to realize what Chatham has always known: infusing education in arts and humanities into science, technology, engineering, arts, and math majors produces graduates who are articulate, creatively nimble, and better poised to succeed in a constantly-evolving world.

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Chatham Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in international travel with faculty. Students earn college credits during these trips while they focus on a specific topic within an academic discipline. Past and upcoming trips include South Africa, Belgium, Iceland, Taiwan, and Italy.

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School of Arts & Sciences

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5 Things You Might’ve Missed About the MFA at Chatham

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The program teaches a concrete set of skills, such using computer programming to create a 3D landscape, but the aptitudes that it develops are broad and would be welcomed by any employer: solving problems, thinking logically, working collaboratively.

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Senior to Senior Series: Rylee Napolitan

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Celebrating Our Social Work Students