Ryan D'Souza, Ph.D.

Logo: Chatham C
ADC 103

Hometown: Dubai, U.A.E.
Joined Chatham: August 2022


Cultural studies, media studies, political economy, postcolonial studies.


Existentialism, live-coding music performances, pessimism, South Asian music.


Ryan D’Souza teaches humanist and qualitative research-oriented courses in communication theory, contemporary cultural theory, intercultural communication, and media studies. 

He can support student research on projects focused on media, popular culture with a keen interest in music, qualitative and survey research development - all with a penchant for kitsch topics. 


  • Ph.D., University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), 2019
  • M.A., IUPUI (Indianapolis, IN), 2014



  • Top Research Paper, Identity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division, Southern States Communication Association, 2023
  • Top Research Paper, Philosophy of Communication Division, National Communication Association, 2021


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  • D’Souza, R. A. (2021). Bollywood’s Christians in Hindu modernity. Global Media Journal – Canadian Edition, 13(1), 78-93.
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