Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems Overview

The Management Information System (MIS) program prepares students to become critical thinkers and innovative designers of contemporary information systems. MIS students develop conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills in computing, relational databases, and web design. They become competent in recognizing opportunities to improve business processes or areas, communicate with stakeholders, and implement and manage information systems projects. In addition to skills and theories pertinent to management information systems, students benefit from Chatham’s unique commitment to addressing issues, such as sustainability, diversity, and responsible business in a global context.
Degrees Offered
  • BA
Program School

[I learned] the real importance of studying information systems, computing, and data analytics while at Chatham. I have unlimited resources and professors willing to share their expertise and experiences. It does seem that no matter the career path I take, AI and information systems will be present in some form.


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Student Profile: Kathryn Polaski Wins Business Simulation Competition 

Don’t be fooled by the relative youth of Chatham’s BA in Management Information Systems program. They’re churning out winners already.

Explore the Management Information Systems Degree:

  • Award-winning faculty members bring years of experience teaching management information systems at the college level.
  • Set yourself apart with a minor in one of Chatham’s other undergraduate business programs (marketing, accounting, management, international business, economics, or applied data science analytics), or in another field such as psychology or communications.
  • Qualified students may be eligible for Chatham’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) or other Integrated Degree Programs, which allow you to save money and speed time to acquiring both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • All students complete a capstone seminar that channels the knowledge they’ve accumulated into a discipline-specific project under close faculty guidance.

Systems Analysis and Design 
This course introduces information systems analysis and design for contemporary organizations, with a focus on developing critical skills in communicating with people as users, analyzing processes, translating needs into information systems requirements, and testing of prototype ideas. Topics also include functional, structural, and behavioral modeling and Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Database Management Systems
This course is a study of database management systems and their applications to a wide range of information processing needs. Students design and implement database management systems while being introduced to a conceptual model of a database environment comprised of five basic components: databases, database management systems, data dictionary/directory systems, database administration, and user-system interfaces.

Information and Cybersecurity
This course introduces fundamental issues in information and cybersecurity, with an emphasis on vulnerabilities available to cyber attackers. Students develop conceptual tools for identifying vulnerabilities, assessing threats, analyzing risk, and selecting controls to mitigate risk, and practical skills in implementing security, responding to incidents, and designing systems that prevent cyberattacks.

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Our Faculty

If one word could best sum up Chatham's faculty, it would be engaged. Professors bring experiences to relate the course lessons to real-world situations.

Full Faculty
Photo of Mark Haney
Program Director/Department Chair, Business & Entrepreneurship
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MIS/Analytics Club

Chatham has an active MIS/Analytics Club which provides professional development, networking opportunities, and social events. The MIS/Analytics club received the outstanding new student organization award in 2019.

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Participate in Competitions

Students have opportunities to present at the CaseIT MIS Case Competition, an annual international undergraduate MIS case competition, and the CoMIS Annual Competition, a four-day competition with teams of three undergraduates. Both are held every spring.

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College of Distinction 

Chatham has been named a College of Distinction for its Business degrees, recognizing the program for its expert blending of the liberal arts with professional programming in its Business majors.

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Department Mission

The Department of Business and Entrepreneurship teaches students the fundamentals of business practice through learning and applying academic content, practicing business skills, and evaluating the context of business decision-making. The Department integrates material and programming incorporating the University’s mission in global understanding and environmental responsibility and prepares students to work as leaders in professional and civic arenas. Through student-centered curricular and co-curricular offerings, the Department assists students to reach their full potential in the business world.

Management Information Systems Outcomes

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Student Profile: Jeremy Witchel '19

When Jeremy entered Chatham, he assumed he would follow in the family tradition of social work; however, his course work soon ignited a new passion.

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Youssef Aljabi ’19 received a full scholarship to the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Brandeis University.

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Chatham is a College of Distinction for its business degrees.

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Qualified students may be eligible for the 3-1-1 program at the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University, where they may complete both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.


Cailin Jones ’22 has been awarded $500 seed funding to start a student chapter of the Women in Cybersecurity organization at Chatham.

Photo of international flags waving in the breeze in front of the U.N.

Student Profile: Daniela Beck '19

The daughter of a Colombian immigrant, Daniela’s life has always had a cross-cultural touch to it. Her heritage and bilingual abilities prepared her to mingle in the world of international business.