It’s possible to take up to 12 credits in any program—graduate or undergraduate—at Chatham as a non-degree-seeking student. Non-degree seeking student application. If you’re looking to quickly acquire valuable skills, Chatham also offers affordable, 12-credit online graduate certificates in Web Development, Technical and Grant Writing, and Nurse Educator.

Non-degree-seeking students include visiting high school dual enrollment students, Pittsburgh Consortium of Higher Education (PCHE) students, visiting college students outside of PCHE, or adult students wishing to take courses for continuing education.

Non-degree applications for both undergraduate and graduate course study are accepted. 

Students taking classes in one of Chatham’s programs but not yet admitted to the program are not eligible for financial aid through the Federal Stafford Loan program. Non-Degree Seeking Students can take up to 24 credits before having to enroll in the program, at which time they must become a Degree-Seeking Student eligible for financial aid as either an undergraduate student or a graduate student. Please see the course catalog policy on Non Degree Seeking students for full details.

Cost Per Credit

2019-2020 cost per credit for undergrad: $906

2020-2021 cost per credit for undergrad: $934

2019-2020 and 2020-2021 College in High School (dual enrollment) Non Degree Seeking students:

$250 cost per credit