Academic Scholarship Days

Take your next step toward college and earn more money for your Chatham education. Join us virtually to learn more about life and learning at Chatham and walk away with an additional scholarship of up to $3,000 per year.

Academic Scholarship Day is your chance to earn more money for college.

But it's more than that—you'll take a big step forward in your college preparation and you'll meet some of your eventual professors and classmates. Current students have said that their Academic Scholarship Day helped reinforce that Chatham was the right place for them and made them ahead of the game in planning out their college careers. 

"My interviewer on Scholarship Interview Day actually became my academic advisor, too. Talking and feeling comfortable with her that day had a big impact on my decision to attend Chatham."—Rebekah Dunn '17

Photo of a Chatham University professor speaking with students at an event

Build Relationships, Build Your Career

Interviews take place with faculty in your academic area of interest, and many students report choosing the professors they meet with as their academic advisors. Throughout your time at Chatham, your advisor not only guides your studies, but also helps with internship, employment, and post-graduate opportunities. Attending Academic Scholarship Day can be the start of that connection that lasts well beyond your time at Chatham.

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Learn How It Can All Stack Up

Financial Aid counselors will be on hand for 1:1 meetings to help answer questions about Chatham's affordability, applying for FAFSA, and other college financing questions. Be sure to check out scholarships and grants available to all incoming applicants, including our variety of major-specific and group-affiliated scholarships.

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Photo of a young woman in professional clothing being interviewed

Prep to Make the Most of Your Day

Take care of the details. Ready yourself by creating sample questions. Practice with mock interviews. It'll help you make the most of your Academic Scholarship Day. Things to prepare for and think about:

  • What to wear? Dress for success: plan to dress for your day and show you mean business.
  • What makes Chatham tick for you? What does Chatham offer that you are excited to learn more about? Or what do you think you can add to Chatham?
  • What's your plus? If every university you've applied to offers your major, what is the "plus" outside of the classroom that you want to explore and get involved in at Chatham? What do you want to accomplish through it?

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