Career Webinar with Chelsea Hilty, Education and Events Coordinator, Group Against Smog and Pollution and Amber Stacey, Naturalist Educator, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Cost: Free

Both Chelsea and Amber are educators and work to get people of all ages outdoors and interested in nature. Chelsea works at GASP, which specializes in improving air quality in southwestern PA. Amber works at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, encouraging community members to use and care for the city's parks.

This series of sustainability career webinars is offered at a 6th grade level of vocabulary. They are intended for K-12 students, and are open to any age. These informational interviews are intended to expose students to the variety of jobs available in the field. After the adult describes a normal day at their job, what they love about their job, its challenges and what it took to get there for about 15 minutes, the dialogue becomes open to student Q & A. Chatham students are welcome to attend, but please allow K-12 students to have the priority for asking questions, and please try to also keep vocabulary at a 6th grade level to help make the workshop age inclusive.


Fee : Free

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