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Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Diversity & Inclusion Council at Chatham University will act as a catalyst to create an environment centered around respect, acceptance, personal responsibility, and recognition of the value of all individuals.

The Goals of the Diversity & Inclusion Council are:

  1. To educate the campus community about diverse perspectives by celebrating and supporting all cultures
  2. To raise diversity and inclusion to the forefront of university priorities and be vocal about its importance
  3. To promote multicultural/intercultural awareness and understanding
  4. To develop and implement a plan to recruit, retain, and promote diverse staff and faculty
  5. To facilitate educational opportunities for faculty, staff and students to increase understanding of diversity and multicultural life experiences
  6. To build curricular and co-curricular opportunities for student and faculty engagement in diversity and inclusion knowledge and understanding
  7. To recommend policies needed to assure inclusion and celebration of multiculturalism
  8. To advise the President's Council on the degree to which messages, symbols, events, etc. support a welcoming and inclusive environment
  9. To advance Campus Accessibility and awareness of Disabilities, Mental Health Needs, and Prevention of Gender & Sexual Violence
  10. To design assessment strategies to assure progress toward goal achievement
  • Randi Congleton (co-chair)
  • Darlene Motley (co-chair)
  • Alyssa Abebe
  • Nichole Bayliss
  • Christopher Murakami
  • Kyra Tucker
  • Jason Edsall
  • Ashley Cephas
  • Cindy Kerr
  • Frank Greco
  • Randi Congleton
  • Aaron Thomas
  • Moses Viveros
  • Lalah Williams


The following list of subcommittees includes faculty, staff, and students who are not members of the Diversity & Inclusion Council.

  • Best Practices/Integrating Diversity & Inclusion (chaired by Darlene Motley)
  • Accessibility & Awareness (chaired by Cindy Kerr)
  • Diversity Program & Events Liaison (chaired by Randi Congleton)
  • Faculty/Staff Training & Professional Development Subcommittee (co-chaired by Randi Congleton and Frank Greco)
  • Gender & Sexual Violence Prevention (co-chaired by Nichole Bayliss and Jessie Ramey)
  • Hiring & Promotion/Development & HR Policies (chaired by Frank Greco)
  • Intergroup Dialogues (chaired by Randi Congleton)
  • Multifaith (co-chaired by Darlene Motley and Randi Congleton)
  • Race/Ethnicity/Nationality Awareness (chaired by Zauyah Waite)
  • Website Management & PR Subcommittee (chaired by Darlene Motley)