Choir & Instrumental Ensembles

Indulge your love of music by joining Chatham’s Choir or an Instrumental Ensemble. Both are open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Participants perform a repertoire of sacred, secular, new age, musical theatre, jazz, and contemporary music.

Chatham Choir has greatly contributed to my positive experience at Chatham. Being a part of the choir not only allowed me to interact with a small group of passionate singers, but it was a major source of stress relief for me as well. When the pressure of other classes began to build, choir was a way to release that anxiety by making beautiful, collaborative music with other students.

—Morgan Schreyer ‘22

Photo of the Chatham Choir all wearing black, posing together for a photo

Open to All Majors

Chatham’s Choir welcomes students from all majors—not just music. What’s important is that you love to sing. You don’t even need to know how to read music, as long as you can match pitch and hold your part.  

Photo of the Chatham Choir wearing Chatham robes, performing during Candlelight

Perform Four Main Concerts Per Year

The Cabaret Benefit fall fundraiser features musical theatre and jazz standards in a cabaret style. Candlelight is a favorite Chatham tradition—a winter celebration of the meaning of candlelight across religions presented through word and song. The Spring Concert is an annual concert celebration of spring, and the School Choir Tour is a partnership with Pittsburgh-area high school choirs in which the Chatham Choir visits local high schools to talk about and share the common thread of choral song.  

Photo from above of the Chatham Choir performing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Community Performances

The Chatham Choir and the Chamber Choir have performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, River City Brass, at PNC Park for Chatham Day, and at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

Photo of the Chatham Chamber Choir, wearing purple Chatham University t-shirts, posing together for a photo with the choir director

Chamber Choir

A subgroup of Chatham Choir is the Chamber Choir. This elite ensemble of 9-12 singers is geared towards those with an advanced ability to master music. Chamber Choir sings at each of the four annual concert events, and also has the opportunity to sing at other on- and off-campus events, such as performing the National Anthem at Opening and Closing Convocations and other private event invitations.  

Photo showing people sitting in the pews in the Chapel, facing the stage with Chatham's choir performing

One-credit Course

The Chatham Choir counts as a one-credit course that meets twice per week from 4:30-6:00 p.m. If you have a class overlap, talk to Stacey Brett Davern, director of choral activities.

Photo of a student in a band uniform playing the flute outside

Chatham’s Instrumental Ensembles

Musicians of all levels of expertise are invited to play music at Chatham! Chatham’s string and band ensembles, including the athletic pep band, are ramping back up, and you can play a key role by getting involved. We welcome students from all majors—not just music. Just bring your instrument, and love to play. 

Photo of a woman playing a saxophone with poinsettas in the foreground

Getting to Know the Chatham Band & Director, Adam Lee

“Our plan is to find out from the student body what they want to do and then do that. The big thing for students to know at this point is that if they want something, they need to tell us that they want it, show up for it, and we'll make it happen.”—Adam Lee

Photo of an event in the James Laughlin Music Hall, with the choir performing

39 Years of the Chatham Choir Cabaret

Originally called the “Mostly Pop Concert,” Chatham University’s choir has been putting on an outstanding fall Cabaret for the past 39 years. Pulse@ChathamU spoke with Stacey Brett Davern, director of choral activities, on what this tradition entails and what the Chatham community can expect from this year’s show.