Partners in Education

A Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Chatham University is not out of reach with the CCAC + Chatham partnership.

It's Easy

  1. Start your associate's degree at Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).
  2. Earn at least 57 credits at CCAC.*
  3. Transfer them to Chatham.
  4. Complete your third and fourth years at Chatham in the Bachelor of Social Work program (62 credits from Chatham).
  5. Graduate with a BSW from Chatham!

*Courses in which students have earned a grade of C or better will transfer the full program-to-program credit.

Here's How It Works

Community College of Allegheny County and Chatham University have coordinated to make it clearer and easier for CCAC students to transfer to the social work program at Chatham.

Years 1 & 2

Students will take courses at CCAC completing general studies and Social Work prerequisites.

Years 3 & 4

Students will transfer in their CCAC credits and begin studies at Chatham. Students will predominantly take Social Work major courses to satisfy the requirements of the BSW degree.


What CCAC and Chatham Students Are Saying

"My transition from an undeclared major at CCAC to a Social Work major at Chatham University was very easy because of the faculty both at CCAC and Chatham. Both CCAC and Chatham offer small class sizes that allow you to develop relationships with the faculty, which enhance the learning experience. During my senior year at Chatham, I have had the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and practice it in the real world through my field placement. I would recommend transitioning from CCAC to Chatham University's social work program to anyone. I have had an amazing experience at both schools and am excited about my future."

—Mardi Steinitz, BSW '17 (and accepted to Pitt's Masters of Social Work program)

 "My Chatham experience was an easy transition from CCAC. The classrooms are small with more individualization for student success. The professors at Chatham are wonderful and only want what is best for the student."

—Brian Wilson (Senior, BSW)

 "Chatham is one of the best places for you to be when it comes to getting you bachelor's degree. The staff is always ready to help you and encourage you to excel. They will become one of your support networks as well as your daily mentors in your field. If you want to grow, become involved with a community, and meet some great people, come to Chatham."

—James Burgess, BSW '17 (Army veteran, accepted to Pitt's Masters of Social Work program)

"Before even being accepted to Chatham University's BSW program, I met and spoke with faculty advisors on several occasions. Through email and in person meetings (which were sometimes with my dad and my daughter), Chatham Social Work professors analyzed all of my credits from CCAC, plugged them into Chatham's program, and gave me a clear understanding of what my four semesters would look like. All of my credits were able to be transferred from CCAC and applied to my degree from Chatham (huge sigh of relief). As a single mom, it was non-negotiable for me to work and attend school. Chatham University made it possible for me to use my federal work study monies at an off-campus nonprofit that was also good experience for my degree. The professors are intelligent, challenging, and engaging. I did not want to leave the program once my credits were completed!"

—Grace Enick, BSW '17