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Tuition and Fees

The English Language Program education at Chatham University consists of tuition as well as fees and expenses associated with lodging, food, insurance, facilities, technology, and travel.

Estimated Expenses for the 2019-2020 Academic Year for a Single, Full-time Student

Items One Term
(10-14 weeks)
Two Terms
(Academic Year)


$5,150 $10,300
Fees $257 $514
Living Expenses $6,000 $12,000
Books, Health Insurance, & Other $1,500 $3,000
Total $12,907 $25,814

Part-time students pay $430 per credit in tuition and $29 per credit in college fees. Therefore, a three-credit courses costs $1,377.

In general, living expenses vary. They depend on whether you will live on campus and have a meal plan or whether you will rent a place and cook the meals yourselves.

Transportation and airfare to and from the University is not included.

For students needing immigration documents from Chatham University, you will need to submit bank statements or letter of sponsorship showing the amount above. If you submit the amount for one (1) term, your immigration documents will be issued for one (1) term only.

Full-time students are required to have health insurance.

Coverage can be purchased through the University sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan or through your own comparable health insurance plan. The University sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is designed to meet basic health care needs at an affordable cost. The open enrollment/waiver period takes place at the start of each academic year and closes with the add/drop deadline. Full-time students are required to provide proof of alternate insurance by the close of add/drop if they choose not to purchase this plan.

For each dependent, you must provide additional proof of support. A dependent is a spouse or unmarried child under the age of 21. For each person you must show an additional $5,400 USD of support per year.
Please contact your advisor to add or drop a class. There is no charge for classes dropped before the Add/drop Deadline. There is no refund for classes dropped after the Add/drop Deadline.

Please contact your advisor to process a withdrawal. Below is the refund of tuition paid. Please note that students are responsible for paying the difference in tuition.

  • Before end of add/drop: 100%
  • Term less than or equal to 30% complete: 50%
  • Term greater than 30% complete: 0%